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WINE REVIEW Riesling Markus Molitor, Zeltinger Sonnenhur, Spatlese, 2007 Mosel Valley, Germany In 1984, at the age of 20, Markus Molitor assumed responsibility for his family’s estate. He was the 8th generation to make wine in the Mosel. Young and ambitious, he set out to create wines that would rival the very best in this historic region. The Mosel is considered by many to produce the world’s finest Riesling. The steep slopes provide excellent exposure to the sun in this northerly climate, and the slate soils not only reflect heat back onto the vine but they also give a unique taste to the wines, which are often described as having a flavor of minerals. Late Harvest Wine This is a Spatlese, which means late harvest. The grapes are picked in the autumn and brought to the cellars where they slowly ferment. At a low alcohol degree, Markus stops the fermentation…