what do you get someone who has everything


What do you get someone who has everything? In today’s modern digital world, where we are more inclined to send messages via text or email, a hand-written message to your beloved made, expressed in beautiful calligraphy becomes much more than a letter, its transformed into a piece of art. The words from your heart masterfully immortalized on fine paper, exquisitely and artistically crafted. This was in the past, the way that we shared our thoughts and sentiments before more modern means of communications, and more casual mode of writing took over. A letter written by hand is always more meaningful, and today means even more, as it is so rare. But where would one turn to, to find such a special thing? MEET STEPHEN DUCKETT, founder of Duckett Calligraphy Most of his career has been spent as a butler, alongside a range of extracurricular interests from the church organ including…