The Baku Flame Towers In Azerbaijan


If there has ever been a country defined by wealth and power, in both positive and challenging ways, it is Azerbaijan. Though independent now, the country has been occupied by multiple conquering hordes: those of Cyrus The Great, Alexander The Great, the Seljuks, the Mongols, the Persians, the Russians, the Ottomans and the Soviets. But since 1991, Azerbaijan is free, and exceptionally wealthy due to their vast oil and gas reserves. The country is on the western tip of the Caspian Sea, and is literally at the crossroads between Western Asia and Eastern Europe, as it borders Russia to the North; Georgia and Armenia to the West and Iran to the South. It is generally Muslim, also with deep roots in Zoroastrianism and Fire Temple worship. To Understand the Design, Understand The Baku Flame Towers History This précis of Azebaijani history is a necessary precedent to understanding the architectural design…