Senti Fiori


Senti Fiori creates a unique work of art, bringing together artisanal talents in a celebration of luxury and eloquence. The essence of Senti Fiori speaks to those who appreciate the timelessness and elegance of high quality craftsmanship and fragrance. Inspired by the purity and poise of the majestic lotus flower, this handcrafted, limited edition set is perfect for the woman who demands perfection. Senti Fiori is an innovative, luxurious jewellery range which combines the delights of art and fragrance. Senti Fiori harnesses the power and influence of scent as it is related to memory. The combination of distinct scents and beautiful jewellery can be a part of what can be precious, memorable moments and experiences, which Senti Fiori creates for the wearer. As well as being uniquely beautiful and fragrant, the Senti Fiori lotus set is an interchangeable system which can be worn a number of ways. The three different…