Locking devices to keep valuables safe have been around for thousands of years. These were typically made of wood with a ‘lock’ was a rock that sat atop the box. The safe, also known as a strongbox or coffer developed with the advances of metallurgy which transformed the safe from an elaborate wooden box with some sort of fashioned locking mechanism or padlock, to the fire-proof, complex metal boxes we are more familiar with. Then made of iron these safes and chests are a more modern invention. Some of today’s luxury safes are a beautiful combination of technology, safety and artistry. Here are five unique safes from Boca do Lobo that have caught our editor’s eye. Boca do Lobo Luxury Safes Diamond Safe This inspired, faceted sculptural piece was inspired by the beauty and nobleness of the world’s toughest material. The Diamond Safe is one of the most emblematic piece…