Exquisite roses blended with the syrupy sweetness of honey produces food fit for the gods. Passions stir at the scent of roses, sublimely beautiful, intoxicating and evocative and the sensuality of honey. THETA Foods in Greece, makes of award winning fine foods, creates products of exceptional quality. In this bottle is an indulgence with benefits of a 100% pure honey with rose scent. Paired with pure honey derived of Greek wildflowers is something very special. This 130g container of rose-infused honey is the purest distillation of blending sensuality and unbridled hedonism. THETA. The exquisite flavors they produce are carefully harvested, collected, produced, and packagde by hand, for adding exceptional gourmet pleasing to your fine gastronomy moments. Distributed in EUROPE   Elenianna Distributed in USA | CANADA  Olympicco

An age old flower with an impressive presence, roses are a beauty to behold and their aroma is enchanting. To adorn oneself with roses is a powerful connection to history and an expression great beauty. The rose always stirs up attention in human culture, and has ancient symbolic meanings throughout human history. Roses: The Meaning of Their Colors Red Roses – Love. They convey deep emotions from respect to devotion. White Roses – Chastity and innocence. Pink Roses – Gentle emotions, joy, gratitude and appreciation. Orange Roses – Togetherness, passion and energy. Peach Roses – Anticipation and hope for the future. Purple Roses – Light shades – Love at first sight. Darker shades – Splendour and regal majesty. Yellow Roses – Exuberance, friendship and caring. Pictured from Left to Right: Dior beauty Diorlisse, Petal Pink, Boudoir D’Or Bath Confetti Rose soaps box 20 pink, Aerin Rose Balm lipstick, Salvatore Ferragamo…