Park MGM Las Vegas


The evolution, then the process, of re-imagining one thing into another can be a lengthy process. And when it comes to the creation of a new hotel based on the foundations of an established one, the process can be even more complex on multiple levels. The levels often involve repurposing, redevelopment, and rebranding combined. The renowned Monte Carlo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, opened in 1996, is a recent example. Its process of redevelopment began in 2015, and now by March of 2018, will officially be recreated into a new entity: the new Park MGM Las Vegas. Recently, we saw what had been done and what was planned. Most of the hotel’s 2,700 rooms have been renovated. And, the property’s 290 guestrooms on its upper floors will be rebranded as the NoMad Las Vegas. This project will be completed by the end of 2018. NoMad is a boutique brand, whose original hotel is…