moonshot digital


Luxury brands used to consider e-commerce as a channel reserved for selling low to mid-range luxury goods. Selling online was indeed perceived as being inappropriate for a luxury company. High-end items were thus reserved for the boutique stores. Luxury brands affirmed that affluent customers wouldn’t spend more than a certain amount for a luxury good online. Indeed, wouldn’t luxury shoppers always prefer a personalised customer service and tactile shopping experience? That assumption is now being challenged. By 2025, one-fifth of luxury sales will take place online Net-A-Porter and Farfetch have successfully demonstrated that luxury consumers are willing to purchase high-end goods online at full retail price. In parallel, digital is increasingly influencing how consumers make their purchase decisions. Research by McKinsey found that at least 40 percent of all luxury purchases are in some way influenced by a consumer online experience. Millennials and Generation Z consumers drive 85% of luxury…