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Breguet celebrates the modern gentleman by continuing its “Classic Tour” in the Big Apple. After visiting several major cities around the world this past year, New York City welcomes this edition of the worldwide tour with a look at a day-in-the-life of a bespoke gentleman living in New York. Contemporary Watches for the Contemporary Gentleman The contemporary Breguet gentleman is elegant and detailed – just like a Breguet watch. His life is purposeful and precise. He begins each morning by slipping on a Breguet Classique wristwatch, then forges ahead for the day at hand with the help of his city’s finest artisans. To demonstrate this dapper lifestyle, Breguet hosted an evening of modern refinement at the world-renowned international home of music, Carnegie Hall. Quintessentially New York, Carnegie Hall is known for performances by some of the most iconic figures in history. From Sergei Rachmaninoff to Arthur Rubenstein, the Carnegie Hall…