Meehna Goldsmith


Fitting right in with the Astrology of Horology series is the watch brand SEAH. Named after the ancient word for “time” the watches represent the 12 astrological signs. Designer Rachel Levy wanted to create a watch that not only told secular time but also indicated one’s personality on the wrist, a spiritual guide to the soul. While a timepiece in its physical form reveals a person’s taste, SEAH pieces are intended to reconnect the wearer to nature’s life forces as seen in the sun, moon and stars. Every detail signifies this world:  the round case represents the globe or universe and the bezel is engraved with the infinite waves of the ocean. Each hour marker represents a heavenly star; the center of the watch features the sun and the hands are reminiscent of the sun’s rays. At the top of the dial sits the zodiac sign to express the inner…