Matthew Norman


Kostas Metaxas and the watchmaking brand Matthew Norman have joined forces to create two unique objects that are tokens of their creative personality, reinventing the table clock. Helix and Garden of Eden are sister pieces created by designer Kostas Metaxas as part of the same creative momentum. He talks about them as if they were two objects belonging to a single family. Helix and Garden of Eden are both references to life – Garden of Eden, as its name suggests, is an allusion to paradise, while Helix offers a more scientific dimension. Combining modernity and tradition, the pieces fall within a different but complementary perspective, whilst having the reliable Matthew Norman mechanisms in common. Modern and Traditional Marry Beautifully- About The Clocks Helix and Garden of Eden both offer a power reserve of 8 days and are wound manually using a single key, which is also used to adjust the…