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A wine-themed river cruise always sounds so right, so seductive, no matter what the season. There are many wine-themed cruises offered from numerous river cruise brands, but there is something unique abut Ama Waterway’s wine-themed cruise, probably because the DNA of AmaWaterways exudes a unique attention to culinary detail that goes beyond the tasting of wine and the creation of cuisine. This wine-themed cruise also becomes an adventure in culinary cruising, combining onboard international wine experts that often transform the guests into burgeoning oenophiles and sous-chefs. Our experience on an AmaWaterways wine-themed cruise, even though it was months ago, still resonates in both mind and taste, mainly because of how the wine education, and the destination experiences were distilled into the terroir of our souls, and never left. We traveled up the Rhine, from Basel to Amsterdam – basically, learning as we went, about the wine created in the regions…