luxury champagnes


Champagne has long been associated with luxurious living. Each sip, pure liquid luxury! The very presentation of a champagne bottle implies prestige, excellence and a cause for celebration. We love it so much here at Eat Love Savor. Why wait for New Years or special occasions? We feel anytime is a good time for champagne! Living well is a celebration and the choice beverage of luxurious living well is Champagne! Let’s take a closer look at this prestigious beverage and some of the reasons why it too is worth celebrating! Armand de Brignac and the Cattier Family: A History of Champagne Making Situated in the tiny French village Chigny-des-Roses owned and cultivated by the Cattier family since 1736. The name was Armand de Brignac was adopted by Jean-Jacques mother after a character she read in a novel called “de Brignac” and it was registered sometime between the late 1940’s and…