L Leroy


BASELWORLD 2016 Each year at BASELWORLD is displayed a dazzling array of the latest jewelry and timepieces from top watch makers. Some of the stunning pieces that will be displayed are featured here. This collection was selected by our editor in chief as her picks. She chose them based on their characteristics of artistry, beauty, elegance and design excellence. EDITOR’S PICKS Top 10 Timepieces at BASELWORLD 2016 L. LEROY AUTOMATIC TOURBILLON REGULATOR L Leroy demonstrates the full measure of its expertise with the Automatic Tourbillon Regulator. A large flying tourbillon freely orbits at its summit, unobstructed by any bridge. Its heart is in diamond with an openworked structure. The pure technique behind this regulating organ ensures a degree of precision that is certified by Besançon Observatory. The entire movement, oscillating weight and dial of the Automatic Tourbillon Regulator have been delicately skeletonised and chamfered by hand. A meticulously fashioned rosette,…