LUXBA Group, Hong Kong’s leading luxury fashion brand management and distribution house, recently announced a new collaboration with Italian luxury footwear label Sergio Rossi. The new partnership focuses on accelerating Sergio Rossi’s growth in the complex China market, while also strengthening LUXBA Group’s presence in the fashion industry. Luxury brands associated with LUXBA gain invaluable insights on how Chinese millennials and Gen Z’s consume, and what they desire in luxury brands. Founded by entrepreneur Adrian Cheng in 2007, LUXBA Group is an all-encompassing fashion, lifestyle, brand management, and distribution company based in Hong Kong and Shanghai. The new collaboration allows Sergio Rossi to leverage LUXBA Group’s unique expertise to penetrate the retail industry as it reaches the Chinese millennial and Gen Z audience. “I’m thrilled to be working with the Italian luxury brand Sergio Rossi and offering our sprawling network to further its growth in China,” said Adrian Cheng, founder…