jewelry made in Italy


An interpreter of contemporary luxury, Mattioli is distinctive, known for its original style, melding classic design with timeless modern appeal, their jewelry exuding a particularly soft and enveloping fluidity in the lines. Mattioli Jewelry – Rings Maldamore Yin Yang ring in white gold, white diamonds and black gold 1TO Hiroko ring in rose gold and white diamonds Eden African Queen snake ring in rose gold Maldamore Maldamore big ring in rose gold Mattioli jewelry is available throughout Europe, the United States of America and Japan, For more information and to see more of the collection visit http://www.mattioligioielli.it/   About Mattioli Licia Mattioli, a lawyer by training, entrepreneur by vocation, she fell into the world of jewelry and then rose to the heights of high-fashion with great energy and determination. Licia’s journey began with her acquisition of Antica Ditta Marchisio, the oldest and most esteemed manufacturing goldsmith in the…