Wheels Up Founder and CEO Kenny Dichter announced the launch of WHEELS UP CARES, a philanthropic initiative to identify a cause important to the Company, and its members, to support by raising awareness and funds. Through the WHEELS UP CARES program, a Wheels Up Beechcraft King Air 350i aircraft is custom-designed to represent the established charity to enter the fleet—where it will remain indefinitely—as a flying symbol of each charity’s mission. WHEELS UP CARES kicks off Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in September with the first-ever teal Beechcraft King Air 350i joining the Wheels Up fleet in support of the Janet Burros Memorial Foundation. The inspiration for the Teal Plane comes from Wheels Up members Mara Sandler, Janet Burros’ daughter and advocate, and her husband, Ricky. “Just as Wheels Up has transformed private aviation, we set out to create an innovative way to inspire others to support great causes and ‘UP’…

Exploring the mighty Amazon River, unearthing Aztec temples, lounging on the beach in the Florida Keys or skiing down the snowy resorts in Canada… your desires become accessible in a blink of a wing thanks to AKOYA, a LISA Airplanes realization. Elegant and fascinating, this two-seat amphibian aircraft has the capacity to take off and land on multiple types of surfaces and achieve outstanding flight performances, combining long distances and exceptional comfort consistently ensuring complete freedom. Much more than a simple way of transportation, this upscale airplane flirts with the heavens and makes the wildest desires possible. A turnkey solution is offered to future owners: flight training, plane customization (interior and exterior design), maintenance and after-sales service (guaranteed for 3 years). For more information on AKOYA visit www.lisa-airplanes.com