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“Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz?” When Janis Joplin penned these lyrics in 1970, they were intended to poke fun at our desire for the finer things in life. Mercedes-Benz, synonymous with luxury and refinement, was one such thing. Since then though, these words have been used to express the allure and appeal of owning a Mercedes-Benz — Mercedes-Benz even used them in their advertisements as recent as 2007. And with Mercedes-Benz leading the way in “greening” the car industry, a Mercedes-Benz is definitely a finer thing in life. The History Of Mercedes Benz Born a decade apart and living 60 miles from each other in Southwest Germany, two men, with a love of cars created an icon of luxury. Gottlieb Daimler was working on a gasoline-powered automobile. His dream was to install these engines in every type of vehicle — “on land, on water and in the…