In the 1960’s the American fashion scene was taken by storm with the arrival of Roy Halston Frowick. Born in April 1932 in Iowa, Roy Halston Frowick of Des Moines, Iowa, was the second son of a Norwegian-American. His interest for swing was inspired by his mother and as a child, began developing hats and altering clothes for his mother and sister. He built on his interest in 1952 attending a night school of the Art Institute of Chicago and worked as a window dresser. He first received recognition when in 1957 the Chicago Daily News ran a brief piece about his hats. That same year, he opened his first shop, the Boulevard Salon. There is was that his professional moniker was born – using his middle name, which he’d used since childhood to distinguish himself from his uncle, who bore the same first name. Hats to Dresses Halston made…