Thomas Prescher Haute Horlogerie is known for its luxury hand and tailor-made watches for watch aficionados and connoisseurs all over the world since 2002. The timepieces created by Thomas Prescher are manufactured using knowledge of the ancient art of watchmaking by hand – hand-made watches made to the very highest standards and their finish is among the best available on the market. Prescher interprets the art of watchmaking as excellent design, the finest materials, and perfect processing. Each timepiece is made to the specifications of the client. The skilled perfectionism of the watchmaker is the ultimate guarantee that every timepiece coming from the house Thomas Prescher is incomparably and unique, absolute perfection. From Military to Magnificent: A Masterful Watchmaker is Born Born in Germany, with a background in the German Federal-Navy as Naval officer, during this time he studied electrical engineering while attending the Navy University in Hamburg, Germany. Following…