Dolce & Gabbana


LUXURIOUS & DELICIOUS…WE LOVE CHOCOLATE Whether you eat it, cook with it, dress wearing the color, there is so much to love about this beloved food and color! Here are a few of our favorite things about it and a beautiful collection compiled by our Editor! Pictured in editorial: From left to right: Marc Jacobs cuff, Dolce & Gabanna makeup, vintage crown wall art, pink champagne truffles, Carlos Santanta prestige shoes, French farm dark cohcolate and praline fondue, chocolate brown cocktail dress, Dolce & Gabanna satin pochette.

Fall Fashion look - Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

EDITOR’S LOOK FOR FALL This look is stylish, sophisticated, luxurious and comfortable. What more can a woman ask for? Pictured from left to right: Donna Karan hair calf-belted…