Dinner in the Sky


The sky is a dream that has always fascinated human beings. Today we crave extraordinary experiences, each seeking something different, unseen, rare and money can’t buy. The Principality of Monaco is renowned for taking centre stage when it comes to offering such breath-taking opportunities and the Dinner in the Sky concept brought thrill-seeking experiences up a notch when it was launched for ten days by events creators and lifestyle management company, Just Unlimited on 7th July 2017. A Thrilling Dining Experience Imagine being immersed with an adrenaline rush even before you sit to enjoy your meal, with your feet precariously free under you, feeling a light breeze, gently and silently getting propelled within seconds from 0-50m admiring the facet of the Monte-Carlo Casino while strapped into a seat reminiscent of a F1 car but with the added thrill factor of being able to lower your seat to being semi lying…