Collector Square


For the very first time, Collector Square has gathered together a selection of Antiquity-style jewellery in an exceptional private sale, commencing on 26th October. Hand-selected by Constance Lauvinerie, Head of Jewellery at Collector Square, this stunning sale features hammered gold rings, bracelets, pendants and sculpted gold torque necklaces inspired by the mythologies of ancient Greece and Rome. The pieces for sale represent the highest level of quality from international jewellers renowned for their revival of Ancient Greek and Roman craftsmanship and design. An Ornamental Piece from Master Jeweler Ilias Lalaounis Born in Athens in 1920, Ilias Lalaounis is renowned for his creations that are steeped in symbolism and craftsmanship. His earlier collections, inspired by Ancient Greece both in design and craftsmanship, reimagine ancient pieces and adapt them for the modern woman. This necklace is from his seminal ‘Minoan & Mycenaean’ collection. Admired for its architectural and timeless silhouettes, the…