CHATTING WITH TAMALA JONES ABOUT ENJOYING CHAMPAGNE What was the first champagne you ever enjoyed? Moet Chandon White Star was my very first taste of champagne and I loved it !! What were you celebrating at such a young age? I had just graduated from high school and to celebrate I was allowed two glasses , I snuck more of course ..lol!!!  What’s your favorite champagne? My favorite champagne now is Dom Perignon Rose.  We think anytime is a good time for champagne. When are you likely to pop a cork on a bottle of bubbly? Sunday is my favorite day to drink champagne. I love to go to brunch, stay until it’s time for dinner & sipping on champagne the whole day. What do you love about champagne? I love the taste of champagne and the feeling of being tipsy , but in a ladylike way. Why do you…