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If you’re not the type to wear a watch every day, or you’ve got a collection of timepieces we ask: do you have a good watch winder? Having a quality watch winder operating at the proper setting is one of the best ways to maintain a watch’s accuracy for a long time. Ideally, you want your watch running at the top 3/4 of its mainspring all the time, whether it’s on your wrist or in the winder in order to prevent wear on the clutch. In an automatic watch, that mainspring requires about 80% to 90% tension to be considered fully wound. Normal activity only winds the mainspring 50% to 60%. A watch winder will keep your watch wound at around 80%. Here are some tips and tricks to pick the right watch winder and keep your watches at peak performance: The Optimal TPD TPD stands for turns per day, or,…