Whenever I visit Switzerland for business, I am impressed by the rigour and commitment that the Swiss demonstrate towards professionalism, finesse, perfection and their immense sense of pride. With so many luxury brands making up its 41,285 km² it truly is incredible with what this population with its orderly ‘clockwork’ attitude has been able to produce. It takes a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to deliver what the Swiss seamlessly manage to do and Baselword is no exception throughout the years of its splendid existence. One hundred years to be exact. As one of the world’s most unique jewellery and watch shows gets underway, all eyes are on the key players from the sector who contribute to what is arguably, the most brilliant industry in the luxury world. Maintaining your sparkle in an ever-competing world of priceless gems One may ask, how is it that this industry manages to thrive in…