Special Issue Magazine & Exclusive List ‘Masterful 100’ Celebrating Excellence in Luxury

CURRENT ISSUE: “THE MASTERFUL 100” Celebrating Excellence in Luxury

We celebrate excellence in luxury on a regular basis in our editorial. We also honour in a special way, with a special issue of our print and digital magazine. In this issue, we feature a select list of those who have raised the bar even higher and are seated at the pinnacle of excellence and mastery with our new annual list of “The Masterful 100”.

The Masterful 100 is a very special list curated by Eat Love Savor’s Editor in Chief and Publisher, Angela Tunner, made up of 100 luxury experts, selected for their renowned reputation for consistently demonstrating superiority, and expert skill or knowledge in their activities in the luxury industry among other criteria.

The high quality of the magazine, its timeless, elegant, uncluttered, book-like appearance plus its exclusivity keeps our readership high, ensures longevity and its beautiful to display, ideal for your fine spaces, or even to take with you when you travel. Makes a wonderful gift. Our premium magazine is available exclusively through EAT LOVE SAVOR to subscribers only and is printed and shipped by our on-demand publishing partner MagCloud.

In the words from one of our subscribers ” this beautiful magazine is full of verbal grace and GLORIOUS imagery, its a MASTERPIECE!”

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