After the food is prepared it typically goes from pot to plate. Individually plating each dish has its own charms, but let’s look at a more sharing way to serve – family-style dining (check out this video on setting the table for family style by Emily Post) using the ideal vessels: Serving Platters. Family-style dining is fast becoming increasingly common and carry great fringe benefits for all at the table! From Sur La Table check out these lovely oval and rectangular collections of serving ware. They are timeless and can be used for both casual and more formal dining. Not only does plating the dishes in a help-yourself way, it saves time, encourages a more conversational dining experience and it looks great on the table. Whether for two or three people or a family of four or more, either way, this is a great way to serve meals. There are many kinds, style, designs and shapes to choose from, but timeless classics like plain white will get endless use, make the food look great and go with any decor.

BOOK: Laying the Elegant Table

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