Our Story

I was born with a love and understanding of luxury and my whole life revolved around thinking and ‘being’ luxurious; knowing that all things ‘luxury’ meant more than being about expensive ‘things’, but is a state of mind and a lifestyle choice.

Throughout my personal and professional development, each road I took was preparing me for the moment where my brand and media platform would be created. My vast career path spans a variety of disciplines: fashion merchandising, fine art, quality control management for a high tech manufacturer, retail, hospitality both in the kitchen as a sous chef of a fine dining bistro, and on the floor as co-ownership and management of what was a Wine Spectator Grand award winning restaurant; various roles in mainstream media and communications, financial industry marketing and advertising, brand development, secretarial, business administration and management, book publishing, writing, editing, computing, web design, graphic arts, social media and more.

One summer day, in the sunny, lily-scented lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto in the late 1980s early 1990s, I was luxuriating on one of their sofas having just dined there, taking in the atmosphere and noting how it made me feel. At that moment, I started to reverse engineer and analyze the luxury experience and emotions evoked in me while immersed in that hotel experience. My findings that day combined with my desire for a very special luxury platform were the roots of the magazine you see today.

The genesis of EAT LOVE SAVOR is an amalgamation of parts of me and my luxury philosophies, perspective on luxury lifestyle, a dissatisfaction with the proliferation of heavy consumerism, overabundance of advertising in magazines and negativity focused media and lowering quality content that was growing at a rapid rate in an increasingly coarse world centric more on superficiality than substance teamed with a growing misunderstanding of luxury, its nuances and true essence and dangerous crossover of ‘mass’ and luxury. I craved meaningful connection, elegance and sophistication, a focus on excellence, a gentle approach, positivity and an expression of the true essence of luxury from a more feminine perspective, designed for those who really appreciate the ‘je ne sais quoi’ of fine living, so I knew others like me were out there.

After the publishing of my Gourmand Award winning cookbook for which I wrote and developed the recipes, the conclusion of that project marked a new beginning. Spotting a growing gap in the market place for the kind of luxury magazine I envisioned, plus the shifts that the dawning of the digital had on luxury, I felt that the timing was right. So I built from scratch the brand and magazine which I bootstrapped, launching EAT LOVE SAVOR® in 2010 across social media replacing the finished project on my site, and the site saw a 1400% increase in traffic in the first month.

Our social following was growing fast as did our influence (Fast Company magazine recognized me in 2010 in the Influence Project.) We have a strict, focused editorial mandate and direction, are highly curated and are very selective about the brands we work with. The company is on the cloud, we are future focused and strategic in how we to keep our overheads low and our quality high. Luxury brands from all around the world are drawn to what we are doing and how we were doing it, reaching out to us to collaborate; we are asked to be and are media partners for prestigious luxury event globally, and continue to help expand the reach, standing and perception of new and established fine, high quality, luxury brands… EAT LOVE SAVOR® is globally renowned and recognized as a Top luxury lifestyle magazine and a Global Best Site for Luxury… And so my love affair with luxury and the story of EAT LOVE SAVOR® continues.