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Must-Try Champagnes, Delicious Pairings & Beautiful Flutes

Without a doubt, champagne is the beverage of choice of celebrations and one that makes a delightful addition, for any reason, simply to brighten a day. Living well is reason enough to celebrate! There are so many champagnes worth trying outside the household names; and always perfect to enjoy with meals of all kinds – and there are many delicious, unexpected pairings. Which champagne (brut or demi-sec) selected depends on the food and, selecting the right champagne to accompany is key. We’ve suggested some food pairing suggestions below.

Here are a few bottles to consider the next time you desire to share and enjoy some bubbles!

Devaux Champagne

Devaux Cuvée D is fresh and creamy with great intensity, this champagne will please even the most experienced connoisseurs. Made from a strict selection of Pinot noir and Chardonnay plots, this brut champagne is aged for 5 years and blends together several vintages. A golden yellow colour, a delicate and persistent mousse, white blossom and soft spices appear first on the nose, mellowed by notes of toasted brioche and vanilla on the finish – presents freshness with mandarin and orange zest notes. www.champagne-devaux.com

Sécygné Champagne

Champagne House Sécygné produces an exceptional Cuvée Splendeur. Each bottle is adorned by hand. The Champagne cap, as well as the Cuvée Splendeur adornments, are 24-karats-gold-plated. The experience Sécygné is an extraordinary journey, which throughout its discovery until the end of its tasting, will delight all your senses. The 50% Pinot Noir Grand Cru from Mailly-Champagne, on the palate is an explosion of aromas, the power, and the assertive shape of its grand Champagne wine, exalted by the extreme delicacy, and the incredible freshness offered by the 50% Chardonnay Premier Cru from Rilly-la-Montagne. This crystal gold elixir, travelled by thousands of fine bubbles, is perfectly balanced and full, result of a vintage duo 2008 & 2009. On the nose are notes of apricot, peach and raspberry, give way to a strong character and power, revealed by wooded notes, slightly toasted. www.champagnesecygne.com

Champagne Drappier

The Drappier vineyard is located on 100 hectares for the most part, located around Urville, where Pinot Noir, the predominant grape variety, which finds its loveliest expression and allows the production of very elegant, aromatic wines. Since 1808 their family has used its skill to select parcels of land which are particularly well exposed and extremely rich in limestone. The taste of Carte D’Or presents with its very high proportion of Pinot Noir (75% Pinot Noir, 15% Chardonnay, 10% Meunier) almost tasting of a Blanc de Noirs. This Champagne with its fine aromatic richness, opens with aromas of stoned fruits such as white vine yard peach. A spicy hint announces a powerful and complex palate. A vinous Champagne of lovely complexity with a characteristic note of quince jelly. www.champagne-drappier.com

Great Food Pairings to Consider

Champagne bursts to life when paired with food. It is much more versatile than most people think. The key is to keep it balanced – remember – nothing too sweet, acidic, butter, hot or spicy – avoid extremes. Whether breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert… champagne makes an excellent pairing. Think of pairing it with egg dishes, mushroom dishes, fish and of course, lobster, creamy pastas and cheese dishes.

Saltiness is a perfect match with champagne as this is a flavor not inherent in the fine wine. Foods with saltiness really impact the effervescence of champagne – pair it with popcorn, chips, salted nuts; it becomes a lively experience! Another great pairing for brut champagne, is oily foods as the wine cuts through it beautifully — meats like duck and beef and for the oily and salty – pairs so well with pizza. Demi-secs are best with desserts.

Pretty Champagne Flutes

Select a beautiful flute to enhance the experience of drinking and to dress your table.

Pictured let to right, top to bottom: Carrs silver champagne flutes; Saint Louis crystal thistle gold; Blush Oro Bello; Waterford Clarendon ruby; Versace Home Gala collection; Waterford Lismore Diamond; Baccarat Flutissimo; Cassarialto.

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