Maison Krug Fuses Michelin Starred Food, Krug Champagne and Original Live Music on Krug Island

krug_island_sign (2)Krug Champagne has partnered with music legend Mick Jones and maverick chef of the moment, Michael O’Hare who are joining forces to create an unforgettable journey with a variety of performances from leading music names on 1st September 2016 on Krug Island.

Curating the music experience is the legendary icon and musician, Mick Jones (The Clash, Big Audio Dynamite) – parallels can be seen in the manner in which both Maison Krug and Mick Jones adopt a process of meticulous creativity in their work. Eric Lebel, Krug’s Chef de Cave selects from more than 120 different wines to recreate the exquisite blend of Grande Cuvée year after year. Similarly, Mick Jones will work with a mix of leading and emerging names in the UK music scene, ending the night with a live jamming session in which all artists will come together to create an extraordinary moment of different sounds and styles.

Mick Jones - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine
Mick Jones

Food Theatre Experience

The mastermind behind the culinary delights available on Krug Island will be disruptive chef Michael O’Hare, famous for his Michelin starred, avant garde restaurant, ‘The Man Behind the Curtain,’ located in Leeds. His theatrical approach to food and gastronomy will add another layer to this unforgettable experience and his approach sits perfectly alongside Krug and Mick Jones.

Michael O'Hare
Chef Michael O’Hare

Island With Musical Heritage

Krug Island will encapsulate the famed music history and creativity that is the essence of
Osea Island, where the event will take place. The iconic music heritage site boasts four square miles of unspoilt landscapes, beaches, fields and gardens and has previously hosted recording artists that include Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac), George Ezra, Labrinth, Noah and the Whale and Jessie J.

Island (8)Seclusion and Immersion in an Olfactory Experience

With transport provided from London, guests will be welcomed onto Krug Island to spend
the evening immersed in a diverse range of musical experiences, each curated to complement the impressive Krug portfolio at different locations across the island. With
access to Osea only possible for an hour each day at dawn and dusk, guests will be fully
isolated to truly immerse themselves in a sensory celebration of food, music and Champagne.

Manor House (4)
Manor House

Wish to Attend? Space is Limited

To continue the Krug and Music experience, for the months of September and October
Osea Island will be offering an exclusive Krug package. This includes a night in the
luxurious Manor House, a session in the recording studio and bottles of Krug champagne.

Register To Attend

A limited number of tickets for Krug Island are available now from £449 per person.

Please register your interest at

Krug Package available at Osea Island
Package options below, subject to availability.

Package 1:
1 night stay in the Manor House, Self-catered, 12 bottles of Krug, 1 full day recording session £5,700
Package 2:
2 nights stay in the Manor House, Self-catered, 12 bottles of Krug, 2 full days recording session £7,200

About Krug

Krug historically aims to inextricably link the world of Krug to the world of music, from it’s founding in 1843 by Joseph Krug. He believed that the joy of savouring masterfully crafted Champagne is evokes a similar emotion to listening to a piece of music. Maison Krug is the dream of a man, Joseph Krug, to offer the very best Champagne every single year, regardless of climate annual variations. Since 1843, Krug is the only House to create only Prestige Champagnes every year and today, the House offers seven different Champagnes, all of the same level of distinction, each illustrating a particular expression of nature for unforgettable journeys. The Maison also brings its connection with music to life through the unique Krug Music Pairings. Each year they invite selected musicians akin to the tastes of its seven different Champagnes, to select a special playlist inspired by what they taste. These musical pairings are accessible via Krug iD, a six-digit code printed on the back label of every bottle and unlocked via the Krug iD App.

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