3rd Annual EAT LOVE SAVOR Luxury Awards – Celebrating Excellence in Luxury.

Be Recognized and Honored for your Achievements with the EAT LOVE SAVOR Luxury Awards, annual international award celebrating excellence in luxury.

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Entries are now closed for 2016.

We believe that honoring excellence is an important initiative and our awards recognize the achievements, the stories and the people behind the brand. There is nothing that can replace the values of quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail, hard work, passion and a pursuit of excellence to make a brand stand out as timeless and valuable. Those people and brands who embody these values are worth recognizing and drawing attention to amid a sea of fast and trendy to serve as inspiration to others and for those who seek luxury beyond the ordinary.

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Our prestigious awards are selected by influencers and renowned executives from some the best luxury companies in the world and awarded to companies in luxury sector globally to honour their commitment to excellence, achievements and initiatives. We are honoured to have these fine individuals and organizations a part of our luxury awards. The EAT LOVE SAVOR Awards Council & Ambassadors and Judges are all influencers and renowned executives from some the best luxury companies in the world. They review entrants by a stringent set of criteria. The Luxury Council approves Official Nominees for invitation either by an Awards Ambassador and brands are also welcome to enter themselves. Winners are selected through fair and balanced voting process.



Our luxury awards began very simply with a single category of Designer to Watch. In 2014, the Winner was haute jewelry designer Alexandra Mor (NYC). In 2015, the Winner was fine jewelry design duo GUY&MAX (UK). In 2016, the awards have been more widely expanded to include goods, services and experiences categories for Luxury brands around the world to win our Luxury Awards of the Year including the award that started it all, our “Designer to Watch”, where we continue to honour up-and-coming luxury designers. Now in 2016, we have boldly expanded the awards to over 27 categories.

guy and max luxury award designer to watch 2015The 2015 “Designer to Watch” award recipient GUY & MAX, fine jewelry designers in London UK, had this to say about our awards: “We are incredibly honoured that Eat Love Savor should bestow this award on us and thank them for their support of up-and-coming Luxury brands” – Guy Shepherd