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a moment with

Michael Crompton, Director

Luxury Travel Intelligence (LTI)

lti headerWe had an opportunity to spend a moment with Michael Crompton, Director of Luxury Travel Intelligence (LTI) chatting with him about his membership-based luxury travel intelligence company; LTI is the ideal membership for the discerning and affluent global traveler.

Micheal and Jan Crompton are passionate about luxury travel. Their hard work and business success over the past thirty years has allowed them to see the world in style. But they felt they were gambling with their time and money by making critical travel decisions based on often flimsy and out-of-date information. Review sites could have been their saviour, but they found the comments too polarised, leaving them even more uncertain.

So, they decided to do something about it. Following two years of preparation, Luxury Travel Intelligence has a team of 20 (and growing), an Advisory Board of renowned luxury travel experts and a global offering which will deliver the most detailed and honest luxury travel intelligence ever produced.

necker island master bedroomLTI are fiercely independent, paying their own way and travelling anonymously during the initial assessment process. Their highly experienced team of researchers, located around the world, have a meticulous eye for detail – and seek only the very best. If a hotel, restaurant, spa or club fails to meet their exacting standards, it is simply excluded. Then, they focus on delivering detailed and insider-style Intelligence on the places that do make the LTI list.

What sparked your passion for luxury travel?

From an early age I have had a passion for luxury hotels, the grander the better! My desire to travel the world in style has always been one of the main drivers behind my business success.

Why were you compelled to create a luxury travel membership club?

The affluent traveler needed an independent, honest resource they can trust. We deliver ‘the truth behind the hype’, laced with quality insider detail.

How has luxury traveled changed in the last decade?

There is an ongoing trend (or rather demand) for a more casual, relaxed luxury – delivered in style, but without pretension.

What do you wish people knew about luxury travel memberships and travel sites?

That you can have an awful lot of fun and the satisfaction of ownership, by conducting your own research and making your own decisions. You may still use a good agent to execute everything, but you can make your own confident decisions with the Intelligence LTI provides.fizz champagne bar las vegas

What sets LTI apart from other luxury travel sites?

We are totally focused on the Intelligence and retaining our impartiality. We don’t sell travel or carry advertising, which puts us in a privileged position to be truthful, with no commercial pressure or challenges.

What is LTI’s mission?

To be the No1 ‘go to’ global resource for the luxury traveller.

Gritti Palace Venice. Redentore Terrazza Suite

What is your vision for the future of LTI?

We currently find ourselves in a privileged position and need to seize the opportunity globally and take full advantage. We have a long way to go in terms of full utilisation of the technology available to us and you will see a huge difference in how we present our Intelligence, going forward.

Who is the ideal LTI member?

Someone like me, who enjoys travelling in style and always making the right decisions. Life is too short to accept mediocrity or second best.rosewood hotel scarfes bar

How can someone become a member of LTI?

Annual Membership to LTI is by invitation only. If a potential member does not have the benefit of an Invitation Code, they may apply for one online*. This will then give them access to our membership information. When they then sign up, they will have immediate access to all of our Intelligence.


* EAT LOVE SAVOR readers are invited to use the code EATLOVESAVOR350 for a half price membership with LTI Luxury Travel Intelligence membership.


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