A wealth of fine dining restaurants in Monaco await those lucky enough to reside in or visit the Principality.

With inspiring surroundings and an abundance of phenomenal produce at its doorsteps, it is no surprise why many of the worlds most revered chefs have made Monaco their home. For those seeking culinary delight, head to Casino Square for a fine dining experience you’ll never to forget.

Louis XV-Atmopshère restaurant (c) Pierre Monetta-

« It is here, in the Louis XV, at the heart of the Riviera and over 25 years ago that the story began. Discovering this land was an essential moment in my life. This land that sings like the sun, inspires all my cooking. Today, the restaurant re-opens its doors after several months of renovation. Everything has changed. The setting and the menu – which has been deeply transformed. Nothing has really changed… The Riviera is still the prodigal inspiration of my cuisine. Basically, the story continues, more beautiful than ever. »

Alain Ducasse

Within the famous walls of the Hotel de Paris, resides the Louis XV restaurant. Opened by Alain Ducasse in 1987, this restaurant has for over a startling 25 years held a prestigious 3 Michelin stars. With the hotel currently undergoing refurbishment, Chef de Cuisine – Dominic Lory – has taken the opportunity to craft a new menu for the Louis XV that celebrates the best the Riviera has to offer. Much like the housing market in Monaco, Lory’s creation is both sophisticated and inspiring.

The Menu

To leave some surprise for your very own visit, we’ve revealed but a few dishes from this fine dining experience.

To Start

What better introduction to the Riviera than with a taste of the Mediterranean sea. Sea shells and broccoletti form the body of this dish, which is tied together by foam infused with iodised seawater. Fresh with the tang of the sea, its an inspired way to start a meal.

Alain Ducasse Hotel de Paris Terasse (c) SBM G. de Lestang

The Centrepiece

For those who prefer dry land, Lory’s lovingly sourced Farmers Lamb with small red spelt is a masterclass in simplistic yet refined cooking. Charred baby gem lettuce and spelt accompany the rack of lamb which is cooked to perfection.

Something Sweet

Throughout your experience at this fine dining restaurant in Monaco, one gets a sense that Lory feels a duty to the local farmers and fishermen of the area to source locally. However, when something from further afield calls, Lory does not shy away. Take, for example, the mango and passion fruit soufflé. A taste sensation, where sweetness is offset with a little pink pepper sorbet.

Le Louis XV reopens its doors to guests later this spring, so make sure to book your table soon, to experience fine dining at its best.


Hôtel de Paris
Place du Casino
MC 9800 Principauté de Monaco
Tél. +377 98 06 88 64
Fax. +377 98 06 59 07


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