Discover: Tomas Veres Sterling Silver Combs

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Tomas Veres is small family company, based in Slovakia that works with the top Italian companies with more than 35 years of experience in manufacturing jewelry and leather products.

Comb your hair with sterling silver fashioned into a piece of functional art. These sterling silver combs are made in the Tuscan hills, a jewelry manufacturing center that symbolizes Italian design and craftsmanship and their leather cases are manufactured in the heart of the Italy – in Milan, home to some of the most talented master craftsmen.

tomas veres3Quality, Tradition, Innovation and Exclusivity

Tomas Veres uses only the finest materials such as precious metals and exotic leather from the finest tanneries in the world, to create their Creations. Each comb is made in Italy, by talented and skilled craftsmen, whose combines traditional craftsmanship, inherited from generation to generation with modern technology, and engraved with a serial number that is archived in their records together with name of the owner and with date of the purchase.

Pantheon Collection

Tomas Veres Pantheon Collection is made of rhodium plated sterling silver and its dimensions are 130 mm wide x 35 mm long. Available with green, purple or red ostrich leather case. Waiting list for Tomas Veres Creations is 52 days and is available through the Tomas Veres e-Boutique and is also available with custom engraving.

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