Purity Vodka is an ultra-premium, award winning Swedish vodka that has been developed over ten years by master blender Thomas Kuuttanen to challenge the common misconception that ‘all vodkas taste the same’.

It is the most awarded ultra-premium vodka in the world, and with its full-bodied character and complex yet smooth sophistication, it is clear that Purity stands in a class of its own and is here to redefine the spirit.

Award Winning and Celebrity Sippers

A testament to the quality of Purity Vodka lies in its repeated success in spirits competitions around the globe. Amongst the titles it can boast are Grand Vodka Master 2011, as well as being the first vodka to ever score 100 out of 100 in a blind tasting test as part of the 2011 Vodka Master Organic Award.

Having received recognition in the US, Purity Vodka hosted a Golden Globes after-party and can count Mad Men’s femme-fatale Christina Hendricks as amongst its fans. Here in the UK it has had a more subtle introduction to the market, as it endeavours to bring a much needed conscientiously crafted, and artisanal vodka option to discerning drinkers. Currently stocked in a number of high-end restaurants, hotels and cocktail bars as well as a number of specialist, boutique drinks traders, Purity Vodka’s reputation is building momentum and is fast becoming the must-have spirit for tastemakers who care about quality and substance.

Distillery in a Castle and Made in Small Batches

Purity Vodka’s story starts with Kuuttanen himself who has always worked closely with spirits. Lamenting the industrialisation of the vodka industry and the focus on image over substance, Kuuttanen wanted to create a vodka that had the heart, soul, passion and character of a whiskey, whilst maintaining the spirit’s crisp, fresh traits. Through trial and error over a decade-long period, Kuuttanen developed the perfect process for producing Purity Vodka. Deep within the 13th century Ellinge Castle, organic wheat and barley is used and Purity Vodka is distilled a total of 34 times at one of the smallest vodka distilleries in the world. This small-batch production results in a spirit so pure it does not need to be filtered, a first in the world of vodka.

Passion & Crystal Clear Taste

Purity Vodka’s taste profile is distinctive and has the nuances of a fine whiskey. Its full-bodied character gives it a front-end spiciness without the common burn associated with vodka. Due to its high starch content it opens up in a similar way to whiskey when mixed with water, broadening the depth of the character profile and making it the perfect vodka for the quintessential martini.

Purity Vodka’s smooth complexity makes it clear that Kuuttanen has the passion, knowledge and skill to bring something new and meaningful to the world of vodka. With its luxurious and unique bottle design Purity Vodka is the must-have spirit for the discerning drinker, aspiring imbiber, and those who value quality and substance. Perfect not only as a gift, but also to be enjoyed in refinement, Purity Vodka really does redefine the meaning of vodka and is a drink to be valued and appreciated.

For more information visit www.purityvodka.com

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