Designer Bags with a Story. What’s Your Bag’s Story?

A designer bag in itself is special but a designer bag with a story, is extra special. The story gives the piece life, personal significance, excitement and adds more value. Perhaps the story is one created by events in your own life, or it was something handed down from a grandmother or was purchased during a significant time or a special event in your life. I have one such designer bag with a special story. It is a beautiful linen and pale green tote bag, designed by Valentino and purchased from Rice and Beans Vintage.

Me, Valentino and the Brazilian Model

This brand new bag was owned by Lucia Moreira Salles, Brazilian model and one of Valentino’s muses from the 1960’s, who passed away in 2009. It was possibly even given to her by Valentino himself. The owner of Rice and Beans Vintage purchased it from her estate sale. Every time I look at this bag, I am reminded about the designer and the women that influenced his beautiful designs over the years. I’ll hang onto this bag for years to come and each time I use it, I’ll have a story to share when asked about my beautiful bag.

What’s your bag’s story?

by Angela Tunner


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