For the very first time, Collector Square has gathered together a selection of Antiquity-style jewellery in an exceptional private sale, commencing on 26th October.

Hand-selected by Constance Lauvinerie, Head of Jewellery at Collector Square, this stunning sale features hammered gold rings, bracelets, pendants and sculpted gold torque necklaces inspired by the mythologies of ancient Greece and Rome.

The pieces for sale represent the highest level of quality from international jewellers renowned for their revival of Ancient Greek and Roman craftsmanship and design.


An Ornamental Piece from Master Jeweler Ilias Lalaounis

Lalaounis «MINOAN & MYCENAEAN» NECKLACE In yellow gold £ 5,340

Born in Athens in 1920, Ilias Lalaounis is renowned for his creations that are steeped in symbolism and craftsmanship.

His earlier collections, inspired by Ancient Greece both in design and craftsmanship, reimagine ancient pieces and adapt them for the modern woman. This necklace is from his seminal ‘Minoan & Mycenaean’ collection. Admired for its architectural and timeless silhouettes, the collection received worldwide acclaim and launched Lalaounis into the international jewellery market.

The Mycenaeans were the first Greek civilisation to introduce the architecture and design techniques which Greece is renowned for today. This impressive necklace makes reference to the scrolls on classic columns.” – Constance Lauvinerie


An Ancient Roman Treasure Revisited by Bvlgari

Bvlgari MONETE RING In yellow gold and antic coin £1,650

This Bvlgari ring from the ‘Monete’ collection  seamlessly blends the ancient and modern world to create a timeless piece.

The ring is adorned with a genuine ancient Roman silver coin dated to the third century BC. The coin is engraved with what is thought to be the image of one the most important and revered Ancient Gods, Apollo, son of Zeus and God of Light.

The ring, with it’s genuine Roman coin, is not just a beautiful accessory but a valuable collector’s item. Roman coins are increasing highly sought after and, by incorporating one into this ring, Bvlgari have created an unforgettable and unique piece.” – Constance Lauvinerie


Iconic Piece by Zolotas

Zolotas RING In yellow gold, diamonds and rubies £940

The lion is the symbol of the Zolotas brand and references Greco-Roman myths like the labours of Heracles – the Nemean lion – and Greek architecture, such as the famous lion doors of Mycenae. Since 1985, Zolotas has adorned some of history’s
most iconic celebrities from Jackie Kennedy and Romy Schneider to Elizabeth Taylor and Maria Callas.

The value of Zolotas pieces lies in the fact that all pieces are exquisitely hand-crafted, made following Ancient techniques for sculpting, brushing and hammering gold.” – Constance Lauvinerie

Other pieces to discover at the sale

Vintage RING In hammered yellow gold £ 1,250
Vintage PENDANT In yellow gold, moon stone, sapphires and micro-mosaïc £ 2,150


Vintage EARRINGS In pink gold and antique coin £1,460
Vintage EARRINGS In lapis lazuli and hammered yellow gold £ 2,000



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