The Swiss Jewellery House of Avakian unveils a new collection ‘La Mystérieuse through which the concepts of movement, craftsmanship and beauty of unusually cut gems are explored.


Avakian has designed this stunning new Art Deco themed collection of La Mystérieuse jewellery specially for the 71st edition of Cannes Film Festival. This beautiful and bold collection features the finest quality of white and cognac diamonds, tsavorites, white agate and black onyx. The bejewelled treasures are statement pieces, celebrating a new world of glamour.

Every year since 2013, we have been launching our exclusive jewellery collection for the Cannes Film Festival. This year, we are delighted to unveil our La Mystérieuse collection of statement jewels. We have used specially-cut gemstones, like the elongated sugar loaf, for the new designs along with interesting mechanisms on the stem of the earrings that allow for it to be reversible. This makes the jewellery more fun to wear; we are focusing on ring and earrings, as people wear them more often and appeal much more to our clients for this very reason. We are also adding new pieces to the Gatsby Collection that we launched here last year, besides continually creating trendy designs that appeal both to discerning clients and millennials.” says Haig Avakian, Avakian Vice President

Bold, Statement Jewelry Inspired by Art Deco

The collection is characterised by precise and boldly delineated geometric shapes inspired by elements of the Art Deco movement. Reflected in the boldness of the stones, interspersed with geometric motifs, the La Mystérieuse (meaning ‘the mysterious’ in French’) captures Avakian’s philosophy of crafting transformable designs.

Infused with the brand’s signature aesthetics and attention to detail, all the earrings are reversible: the pear-shaped ear-tops are detachable and the stems can be turned around to reveal a different gem colour on the other side. Haig Avakian hand selected the exquisite stones that feature within this striking collection of jewellery.

Haig commented: “I was looking for gemstones that would really talk back to me, capture a mood of revelry and that could be translated through jewellery. This particular collection of elongated sugar loaf gems are infused with a warmth and a uniqueness that felt fitting for La Mystérieuse.”

Colors and Design that Easily Goes From Day to Night

La Mystérieuse rings and earrings feature a warm combination of white agate, white and cognac diamonds on rose gold in reverence to the colours of summer, while a striking effect is achieved through a bold mix of green tsavorites and black onyx on white gold. Taking the theme forward, the rings are encrusted with a different colour gem underneath – giving the ring a two-toned effect. These pieces transition from day-tonight with ease.

About Avakian: Founded in 1969 by Edmond Avakian, the Swiss Jewellery House of Avakian has, in its unwavering pursuit of excellence, built a reputation on creating daring designs, combining unusual shaped gems with a strong artistic acumen, whilst dressing some of the world’s most glamorous actresses. The use of movement and bold colour combinations make the Maison one of the most sought-after names in the world of High Jewellery.

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