innerplace conciergeFollowing their win at the 2015 London Lifestyle Awards for ‘Best Concierge Company,’ Innerplace is ready to take control as the leading concierge service in London.

With over 10-years of experience, Innerplace  takes a personal and specialist approach to ensure you are in the know about the best in entertainment, dining, nightlife and parties that London has to offer – before anyone else.

A Personal Approach

The personal approach is what makes Innerplace stand out amongst other concierge services. With a knowledgeable, professional team, and customers that are vetted to ensure they are desirable to the top establishments, Innerplace provides their members expert service which is tailored to their preferences. Rather than focusing on finding you a drycleaners or plumber, Innerplace are all about having fun.

Specialization and London Hotspots – Be in the Know

Innerplace was founded by ex-banker Tim Badham, who was inspired to be in the ‘know’ of London’s hottest spots after trying to navigate the city himself following a move to the Big Smoke. His experience with previous concierge services and unfulfilling memberships to exclusive clubs led him to take control and bring a more personal approach to Londoners.

“I had moved to London after University and whilst I suddenly had plenty of disposable income I didn’t know the best places to enjoy it. I wanted to try some of the celeb haunts in the gossip columns, but didn’t have the time to form relationships to get me in,” says Tim “I tried a few concierge services, which I found lacking, and joined some members’ clubs which could be great to start with but would often go downhill or you’d have to go to the same places all the time.”

This unparalleled service is in-line with the trend in specialisation and knowing your consumer on a deeper level. Alongside the close relationship with their members, Innerplace have a trusty little black book – complete with the names and locations of London’s hottest restaurants, events and nightclubs.

“We maintain strong relationships with London’s best nightclubs, event organisers and restauranteurs to ensure we know about the next ‘hot-spot’ and share this with our members,” continues Badham. “It’s about staying in constant communication with these influencers.”

Membership Levels

Innerplace hosts two membership levels; Resident Membership and Red Membership.

Resident Membership gets you free entry into the hottest nightclubs with a spot on the coveted guest-list, free champagne at London’s best restaurants and even gives you access to the most exclusive members’ bars – without the hefty price tag. Resident Membership is available for £50 a month with a £75 joining fee.

Red Membership is for high-net-worth individuals looking for the ultimate concierge experience with a truly VIP service. Enjoy access to even more exclusive members’ clubs, restaurants and sold-out shows and events. However, it’s only for a select group, as Red Membership is hard to achieve!

London Specialists

Crediting their personal approach as a key to success, Innerplace is the only service to wholly specialise in one city, offering them complete access to the inner-workings of London’s nightlife. Combining their knowledge with user-friendly technology and a high-quality customer service which you don’t normally find in this industry, Innerplace has become the only choice in concierge service. For more information visit

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