Montblanc introduces its first ever transformable ornament on a writing instrument that can also be worn as a jewellery piece.

Since 1906, Montblanc has consistently revolutionized the culture of writing with breakthrough innovations. Today, Montblanc continues to push boundaries and evolve the expression of fine writing instruments with its newest innovation.

Spider-Inspired Writing Instrument

Montblanc has recently introduced its latest spider-inspired writing instrument, that celebrates the art of transforming raw words into wordsmithed masterpieces. The three new Montblanc High Artistry Heritage Metamorphosis Limited Edition pens pay homage to the skills of traditional métiers d’arts, nurtured by Montblanc, and draw on the most advanced stone cutting, as gold, diamonds and precious stones turn into works of art – that one can write with as well as wear.

Limited to Three

There are only three editions of this exceptional design: one, the High Artistry Heritage Spider Metamorphosis Limited Edition White Gold features a solid white gold cap and barrel elegantly set with a full pavé of diamonds. The spider web motif is created in three-dimension from solid gold with each individual piece hand engraved and hand polished.

The cap is adorned with a radiant spider made from a pear cut diamond with its legs set with an additional 16 diamonds. The jewel secured with a unique triple closure mechanism can be removed to be worn separately as a bracelet or a brooch.

The other two editions include the High Artistry Heritage Spider Metamorphosis Limited editions in Champagne Gold, with Myanmar rubies and diamonds that can be transformed into a bracelet or brooch; and in Red Gold with the the cap and barrel in solid red gold, fully set with a pavé with sapphire degradé from light blue to dark blue.

To accompany these three writing masterpieces, Montblanc is also introducing a High Artistry Spider Metamorphosis Notebook, crafted in fine vegetable leather tanned with natural oils and tannins. Manufactured in the great Tuscan leather tradition in the Montblanc pelletteria in Florence, the cover has been decorated with a web overlay in ruthenium-coated metal with different finishes and colors.

The spider that moves across the cover of the notebook was created by a method called lost-wax casting, made of metal coated with ruthenium, before being applied by hand on the soft leather cover. With creativity, high precision, and technical skill, the Montblanc artisans have created a spider that  weaves its way from precious writing instrument to significant jewelry ornament, a luxury duality for all hours of the day, all season of the year.


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